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We are a London based well-established accountancy firm that has a reputation and credibility for providing our clients with exceptional quality of services to satisfy all their accounting and taxation needs. Our firm has seasoned accountants who are experts in their fields to help you in all possible ways. If you call us for help, rest assure because your tax affairs and accounting needs are now in capable hands.
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Employment Law

Business owners shiver with fear just at the bear mention of the words employment law. A number of situations like unfair dismissal, breach of contract, discrimination, employment tribunals, red tape and regulations, employees demonstrating ever increasing awareness of their rights and huge charge outs by the lawyers have risen concerns for business owners in the entire UK.


Employment law hits where it hurts the most. A number of employers obtain misleading information from the internet and then rely on it to protect them in case a situation occurs. They repent later when they realize that they should have sought professional advice in regards to employment laws and then suffer hefty fines, penalties and often shut downs.


This is the point where we step in. We want you to be aware of all your employment laws and rights as an employer so that you have credible information and professional help to back you up in case your employees or the authorities decide to take a litigious attitude to you. We provide you with comprehensive employment law support service that enables you maintain up to date systems for management of your employees, their recruitments and everything else whilst complying with all legal requirements. We combine all arrays of templates, model letters, precedents that you need to have to do whatever is done in compliance with the employers law. We care for your business as our own and therefore our professionals are there to help you in whatever you need done. In case you find yourself in trouble or you want to be cautious about the employment law from the very beginning, just give us a call.